Why Choose Us?

Foundation Surgery Center of Oklahoma City (FSCOKC) provides an effective quality alternative to hospital based surgery and was specifically designed to be comfortable and convenient.


FSCOKC enjoys an excellent reputation among doctors and patients alike, receiving consistently high remarks from patient satisfaction surveys.


FSCOKC features a comfortable atmosphere designed to make patients feel at ease. Our caring staff specialize in making the patient experience at FSCOKC as pleasant as possible. Smiles and positive attitudes are a part of our design.
Patients take comfort in knowing that infection is rare because our patients are generally healthy and not exposed to infected non-surgical patients.


Operations are performed on time and our staff works in cooperation with your doctor.
Streamlined administration reduces waiting and paperwork. A patient representative calls the patient prior to surgery to obtain important medical history and insurance information. Patients at FSCOKC do not have to spend time filling out long forms.


Our patients can expect savings of up to 20 to 50 percent compared to the same procedure performed at a local hospital, significantly reducing the out-of-pocket expense. FSCOKC has more to offer than just savings. Combined with our friendly environment, caring professionals and latest in equipment and surgical techniques, FSCOKC provides the value that you expect but rarely find in health care today.

If you have problems after surgery, please call us immediately at (405) 936-8100. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.
Easy Check-In

Easy Check-In

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Patients Say…

Patients Say...

"I couldn't be happier with my experience at Foundation Surgery Center. The location was convenient, staff was friendly and accommodating and the facility was top-notch. I'd recommend it to my friends and loved ones for any outpatient surgery." -Jane B., Yukon